Farmers Market Shopping on a Budget

Written by Joyce Reich, Nebraska Extension Assistant, SNAP-Ed Farmers markets are fun and festive! They offer fresh, locally grown produce that is tempting to the eye and palette and are packed full of great nutrients which help you to stay healthy. In addition, many farmers markets offer other things like fresh herbs, honey, bakery items, meat,… Continue reading Farmers Market Shopping on a Budget

What’s That Veggie? Spaghetti Squash

Written By Jessica Meuleners, MS, RD, LMNT, SNAP-Ed Assistant Extension Educator Have you ever found yourself staring at the winter squash in the grocery store wondering, “What is that and how do I even cook it or eat it?” If you have, you’re not alone! Winter squash looks very intimidating. They are heavy, awkwardly shaped,… Continue reading What’s That Veggie? Spaghetti Squash